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Our Hospital Bill Dispute & Dismissal Process

We guarantee successful legal elimination of hospital bills and medical debt in collections for qualified cases

1. Free Case Evaluation

At no cost to patients, our physicians conduct a unique audit of the medical records with a focus on the clinical details of the healthcare services provided while in the hospital. They are experts in finding the only kind of legally acceptable evidence that would allow us to successfully dispute and dismiss hospital bills, such as evidence of violations of healthcare regulations and medical necessity guidelines. Historically, over 99% of the cases we reviewied qualified.


2. Contracting

Upon discovery of the necessary medicolegal evidence, and confirmation from the reviewing physician that the medical bill is disputable, the client is notified and a call is scheduled to discuss the findings in details and how the evidence will be used to successfully dismiss their bill. Upon client’s request to proceed with the dispute, we email them our client agreement and authorization, and the physician assigned to the case is notified to start authoring the dispute letter.


3. Dispute Letter

The dispute letter is the cornerstone of our guaranteed medical bill dispute service. It summarizes the medicolegal evidence of violations of healthcare regulations and medical necessity guidelines, discovered in the medical records and becomes the proof based on which the presumed medical debt is invalid and legally uncollectible. Our fee is not due until the client approves the dispute letter first, and receives the proof of delivery to the hospital, collectors or court.

4. Bill Liability Shield

Under contract, we actively shield the client from liability, using the evidence-based dispute letter, until full legal dismissal of the alleged debt or until it becomes time-barred (expired), whichever comes first. Anytime a collector contacts the client, we dispute the alleged debt using the dispute letter as the proof of the alleged medical debt legal invalidity and inaccuracy and we demand that they cease and desist from collection and refrain from reporting the debt to the credit bureaus.

Start a Free Case Review & Cut Your Hospital Bills by 75% Fee Included

At no cost to patients, our physicians audit the medical records and report the medical evidence discovered, and how it will be used to dismiss your hospital bill before even contracting with us.