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Our Medical Bill Elimination Process

We guarantee successful legal elimination of hospital bills and medical debt in collections for qualified cases

1. Free Case Evaluation

At no cost to patients, our physicians conduct a unique audit of the medical records with a focus on the clinical details of the healthcare services provided. When evidence of violations of healthcare regulations or medical necessity guidelines is confirmed, our organization can formally dispute the associated medical bills and guarantee their full legal elimination. 90% of the cases we reviewied qualified.


2. Authorization

Upon confirmation from the reviewing physician that the medical bill is disputable, the patient is notified and a call is scheduled to discuss the findings. After the patient is informed of the clinical evidence discovered we email them our client agreement and authorization. Upon receiving the written authorization, the physician assigned to the case is notified to start authoring the dispute letter.


3. Dispute Letter

The dispute letter is the cornerstone of our guaranteed medical bill elimination service. It lists in great details the errors and clinical guidelines violations discovered during our thorough medical investigation. When the letter is ready, we email the patient a copy to review and approve first. Upon patient approval, we mail the final medical bill dispute letter to the hospital, collectors or court. 

4. Bill Liability Shield

Under contract, we continue to shield the patient from liability, using the clinical evidence discovered, until full legal elimination of the alleged medical debt is achieved. This is a complex & lengthy process involving multiple entities (hospital, collectors, etc.), and spans over few years, until the debt becomes time-barred (expired). For more information about the Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection in your state Click Here.