The Process

Submit Your Itemized Bills & Medical Records

  • Send us the itemized bills and medical records, using any of the following options:
[email protected]
PO BOX 747, ITASCA, IL 60143

Our Physicians Analyze The Medical Records

  • Our Billing & Coding experts analyze the itemized bills for errors and improper coding.
  • Our unique team of administrative physicians apply a comprehensive analysis to the medical records and health insurance claims to extract clinical evidence to support the medical charge dispute

Final Consultation & Agreement Signing

  • After our experts complete their audit,  a phone consultation will be scheduled and will cover the findings, the strength of the case and our conclusion as of whether we will be able to represent you or not. We only accept cases that our experts believe are winnable in case of litigation
  • Upon signing the client agreement and authorization for representation, our physician consultants will issue formal “dispute letters” and submit them to the hospital and collection agencies, via certified mail
Our Fee & Scope Of Service
  • Our team of physician consultants apply a deeper level of analysis to your medical records, which allows them to discover evidence of medical negligence  and the clinical rationale necessary to effectively dispute outstanding medical bills and appeal denied health insurance claims
  • We help you take legal action, if necessary, through our network of legal experts, who have endorsed our company
  • Our process is simple, Risk Free and secure. We operate on a contingency fee basis (25% of the total bill amount). Freelance Physicians Services guarantees the success of the “dispute letter” in cancelling the outstanding balance, whether through cordial settlement with the health care providers, or by expiration of the time limit, within which, the hospital or collection agency acting on its behalf may sue you to collect (To check the Statute Of Limitation on Debt Collection in your state Click Here )


Save 75% On Your Medical Bills & Protect Yourself From Lawsuits Filed By Hospitals And Collection Agencies

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