How to Start

Send Us The Medical Records & Itemized Bills

  • Call the hospital’s main phone line. Ask the operator to connect you to the “medical records department” and request ALL your health records (Comprehensive records) and itemized bills. Send us the records using any of the following options:
PO BOX 747, ITASCA, IL 60143
(312) 488-3690

Our Experts Conduct A Comprehensive Review

  • Our administrative physicians perform an in-depth review of the medical records and health insurance claims, with a focus on evidence of medical negligence and failure to meet medical necessity guidelines. This medical review is essential  in assessing if your case qualifies for our medical dispute service, and has to be completed before committing, or signing our client agreement.
  • After we gather the facts and clinical evidence pertaining to your case, we will contact you to discuss the findings and solutions.

Contracting & Issuance of The Dispute Letter

  • If your case qualifies for our guaranteed medical dispute service, we will send you the client agreement and authorization form to complete and sign.
  • After opting to contract with us to dispute your hospital bills, the physician assigned to your case will author a formal “dispute letter” using the evidence collected.  Before we send the letter via certified mail to the hospital or collection agency, we send you a copy for approval first. Our fee is due after we submit the letter on your behalf and send you the proof of delivery.

Our Fee
  • Our fee is 25% of the savings we achieve. We are unique in our ability to eliminate your hospital bill in full. This can take years, however, given the lengthy time limit on debt collection.  We work on a hybrid contingency fee basis, in which 25% of the disputed bill amount is due after approval of the medical dispute letter. All client agreements we enter include a full money-back service guarantee. Full elimination of the disputed hospital bill is guaranteed under contract, otherwise, a refund is issued.
  • The collection process unpaid medical bills undergo, starts in the hospital and ends in court. The law has set a time limit on debt collection, within which the collectors may sue. Our guaranteed medical debt dispute service continues until the debt becomes time-barred (expired). For more information about the Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection in your state Click Here.

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