The Process

Submit Your Itemized Bills & Medical Records

  • Send us the itemized bills and medical records, using any of the following options:
PO BOX 747, ITASCA, IL 60143

Our Physicians Analyze The Medical Records

  • Our medical Billing & Coding experts analyze the itemized bills for errors and improper coding.
  • Our administrative physicians are experts in auditing the medical records and health insurance claims, for clinical evidence of neglect and the ordering of medically unnecessary tests and procedures. The clinical evidence is decisively used to support formal medical charge disputes and allows us to achieve full elimination of hospital bills, and not just a portion.

Free Consultation & Agreement Signing

  • After our experts complete their audit,  they will contact you to discuss the findings and recommend the best strategy to achieve full cancellation of your medical debt.
  • Once we receive your written authorization for representation, our physician consultants will issue formal “dispute letters” and submit them to the hospital and collection agencies via certified mail, on your behalf.

Our Fee


If your hospital bill HAS NOT been sent to collections

The solutions provided by our experts to achieve the maximum results vary from case to case, according to the findings of the audit. The fee is 25% of the savings, collected AFTER final settlement of the disputed bill. Our service is Risk Free

If your hospital bill HAS been sent to collections

Some solutions might require waiting for few years until the debt collectors can no longer sue to collect (expiration of the statute of limitations). To check the Statute Of Limitation on Debt Collection in your state Click Here . In such cases, the fee is 25% of the disputed bill amount, collected UPFRONT with a 100% money back guarantee, contingent on FULL ELIMINATION of your medical debt. All the services we provide are Risk Free.


Reasons Why You Should Use Our Service
  • We are the only organization, nationwide, that employs physicians and healthcare consultants to dispute medical debt using clinical evidence.
  • We are the only organization, nationwide, that guarantees full elimination of hospital bills and medical debt. We have a track record of successful elimination of hospital bills in their entirety and not just a portion of these bills.
  • We help you take legal action, if necessary, through our network of legal experts, who work closely with our team to achieve the best results.
  • We are the only organization that is able to formally stop collections, protect your credit from negative reports and provide clinical defense against medical debt lawsuits.
  • We are the only organization that is able to provide individuals and companies alike with comprehensive assistance with all types of healthcare related claims, such as injury, worker’s compensation, malpractice and denied health insurance claims.


Eliminate Your Medical Debt & Avoid Collection Lawsuits

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