Our Process

Send Us Your Medical Records & Itemized Bills

  • First, contact the hospital to request your complete medical records and itemized bills, then send them to us for a FREE review, using any of the following options:
PO BOX 747, ITASCA, IL 60143
(312) 488-3690

Our Experts Conduct A Comprehensive Review

  • Our medical Billing & Coding experts analyze the itemized bills for errors and improper coding.
  • Our administrative physicians perform an in-depth review of the medical records and health insurance claims. They scout for evidence of negligence and audit the clinical validity & medical necessity of the health services provided by the hospital.

Contracting & Issuance of The Formal Dispute Letter

  • After the in-depth audit is completed, we will contact you to discuss the findings and the best strategy to achieve full elimination of your outstanding hospital bill/medical debt.
  • If you opt to contract with us to dispute your bills, our physician consultants will proceed with authoring a formal “dispute letter” using the evidence collected, and submit it via certified mail to the hospital and/or collections agency.

Our Fee

Whether your hospital bill has been sent to collections, or not, we can help !

  • First, our experts have to audit the medical records, prior to signing the client agreement, to assess the validity of your case for a formal dispute. Our fee is 25% of the bill amount, with an extended money-back guarantee. Under contract, we guarantee full elimination of your hospital bill. However, If less than a 100% reduction of the bill is achieved, the fee is reduced to reflect 25% of the amount reduced from the bill only, and we refund the difference.
  • When the bill goes to collections, final settlement can take a while, until the time limit within which a creditor may sue you for payment of the bill is reached. For more information about the Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection in your state Click Here. We guarantee full elimination of your disputed hospital bills or your money back.


Why Us
  • We are the only organization, nationwide, that is able to formally stop collections, protect your credit from negative reports and provide clinical defense against medical debt lawsuits.
  • We’ve established ourselves as leaders in patient advocacy, nationwide, through a track record of successful elimination of hospital bills in their entirety, while maintaining an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau without any complaints, since our founding in 2014.
  • We are the only organization, nationwide, that guarantees full elimination of hospital bills and medical debt, using clinical evidence, through a unique team of administrative physicians.
  • We have access to a nationwide network of legal experts, who work closely with our team to achieve unmatched results.
  • We are the only organization providing individuals, legal entities and companies alike, with professional solutions to all types of legal & financial healthcare related challenges, such as injury/malpractice claims, worker’s compensation claims, and health insurance denials.


Eliminate Your Medical Debt & Avoid Collections Lawsuits

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