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We Are The Only Organization, Nationwide, Guaranteeing Full Elimination of Hospital Bills and Attesting Debt Collection Lawsuits Using Clinical Evidence

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Backed by years of experience as medical auditors in Medicare and other Federal healthcare programs, our physicians are experts in spotting medical & regulatory guidelines violations. They audit your hospital records and, formally, dispute the hospital charges based on the medical evidence discovered. Our unique evidence-based strategy is the only legally effective solution when your bill is in collections and when you are sued for unpaid medical bills. A nationwide network of legal experts work closely with our physicians to defend against collection lawsuits and assess malpractice and injury claims.  This diverse pool of clinical, regulatory and legal expertise allows us to achieve results unmatched by negotiation alone. Unlike negotiation, which only yield partial discounts, our guaranteed medical bill dispute service achieves full elimination of hospital bills. Our organization has proudly maintained a perfect complaint-free record with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating since it was founded in 2013. (View a dispute letter sample here).


Hospital Bill Elimination
Our physicians audit the medical records and hold hospitals accountable for medical necessity guidelines violation. Whether the bill is still in the hospital’s billing department or got sent to collections, our unique evidence-based strategy allows us to achieve results unmatched by negotiation. By providing irrefutable evidence, we are able to legally contest the collection process and bring it to a stop, preventing the inevitable progression of the collection process to a debt collection lawsuit. Another benefit to our unique evidence-based strategy is credit protection. By  formally disputing the accuracy of the charges, negative credit reports are often avoided when the bill goes to collections.
Collection Lawsuit Defense
We are the only organization, nationwide, offering guaranteed defense against hospital collection lawsuits. Our physicians work closely with collection defense attorneys and medical bill dispute lawyers. They provide the medical evidence and legal expert opinion testimony in court, to win debt collection lawsuits. Patients are often defenseless when sued for unpaid hospital bills. The hospital admission forms signed by the patient are designed to give collectors the upper hand in legal disputes involving medical bills. By signing these forms upon admission to the hospital, patients are waiving all rights and consenting unconditionally to the hospital charges. Our unique service is a game changer for individuals sued for unpaid hospital bills. The unconventional defense we provide is the difference between defenseless and defensible.
Health Insurance Appeals
Our physicians are experts in appealing all kinds of denied health insurance claims. Whether it’s a denied traveler’s insurance claim, a denied ambulance claim, a denied Medicare Advantage claim, our physicians are experts in appealing denied claims, and establishing the medical necessity of the health services provided.
Injury & Malpractice Claim Reviews
Our physicians review the medical records and provide accurate assessment of worker’s compensation claims, disability claims and medical malpractice claims. In valid cases, they author medical expert opinion reports and provide expert opinion testimony, in court. It is often challenging and difficult to  hire an experienced malpractice attorney or injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis. The medical case reports our physicians author, coupled by access to a nationwide network of legal experts, makes such a challenging task a lot easier.

Our fee is 25% of the bill amount, with a full money-back guarantee25%


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