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The only organization nationwide disputing and dismissing hospital bills and medical debt in collection on behalf of patients in all 50 states.


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Eliminating Hospital Bills Since 2013

Backed by years of experience as Medicare auditors and senior healthcare consultants, our physicians are experts in investigating violations of healthcare regulations and medical necessity guidelines to dispute and dismiss hospital bills and medical debt in collection.

Hospital Bill Dispute

Our physicians are experts in disputing and dismissing hospital bills, in full, regardless of their status, type, or stage in collections, guaranteed.

Debt Collections Dispute

We are the only organization nationwide able to legally stop hospital bill collections & dispute medical debt on credit reports.

Health Insurance Appeals

Our physicians are experts in appealing denied medical necessity claims, Medicare claims & commercial health insurance claims.

Collections Lawsuit Defense

Our physicians are experts in attesting and dismissing medical collections lawsuits, and provide expert testimony in court when necessary.

Leaders in Patient Advocacy & Medical Reviews

Our organization is unique in achieving superior healthcare savings beyond the limited scope of medical bill negotiation or finding billing errors. We focus on the actual clinical events and medical details of the healthcare services provided to the patient, which allows us to dismiss hospital bills in full, rather than partially reduce them.

Benefits of Using our Service

  • The entire bill gets dismissed rather than partially discounted.
  • You pay us 25% of the bill only and you pay nothing to the hospital or collectors.
  • Under contract, our hospital bill dispute service is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. In all our years of service we never had a complaint.
  • We are the only organization able to legally dismiss hospital bills, stop collectors, dispute bills on credit reports and shield from collection lawsuits.
  • The dismissed hospital bill is not considered a taxable income, unlike negotiated discounts.
  • The smaller bills associated with the main hospital bill can also be disputed under the main hospitalization. (radiology bill, pathology bill, physician bill, anesthesiology bill etc.)


Success rate

A+Better Business Bureau Rating & Zero complaints during all our years of operation

Under contract, we guarantee full dismissal of the hospital bills in dispute or your money back. Our fee is 25% of the savings (25% of the bill total), due after client approves the dispute letter and after the letter is submitted to the hospital, collectors or court. Our success rate is 100% since we audit the records and inform client of the findings prior to contracting.




Success Rate


Savings on Disputed Bills


Money Back Guarantee

Hospital Bill Dispute Letter & Collection Agency Response

Our unique medical approach to disputing hospital bills, is the only legally effective option to stopping collections & dismissing medical debt lawsuits. We assess the compliance of healthcare providers with medical necessity guidelines and healthcare regulations, and provide the only kind of evidence effective in such situations.

We Dismiss Hospital Bills Regardless of Collection Status

  • Hospital bills before collection.
  • Hospital bills in collection.
  • Hospital bills in litigation.
  • Denied health insurance claims.
  • Hospital bills without insurance.
  • Hospital bills after insurance.
  • Emergency Department bills.
  • Mental health hospital bills.
  • Surgery related hospital bills.
  • Hospital bills after death.
  • Hospital bills after negotiation.
  • Hospital bills after discounts.

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    Start a Free Case Review & Cut Your Hospital Bills by 75% Fee Included

    Our physicians conduct an audit of your medical records, at no cost. We infrom you of the findings before you contract with us to dispute your hospital bills.